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The Color Wheel

The color wheel, or chromatic wheel, is one of the best ways to represent colors and their relationships. Chroma comes from the Greek (χρώμα or khróma) and literally means color. Being circular, the color wheel can correctly display each hue’s gradations and shades.



Complementary Colors

couleurs complémentaires

You must have already felt it, seen it, sensed it… We are naturally drawn to certain color arrangements. Opposite colors on the color wheel naturally go very well together. Sometimes opposites attract. Opposite shades on the color wheel are complementary colors.

Is this natural, innate or unconscious? Our brain perceives them and automatically detects their complementary hues. You understand this phenomenon and must have already experienced it in an optical illusion!

Not convinced? Look at this image while staring at the cross. At some point, quite quickly, the flashing dot turns green!

couleurs effet optique

Analoguous Colors

Gradients on the color wheel also have a very harmonious and gentle effect on the eye. So don’t overthink it: choose two to four analogous colors on the color wheel.

Graphic designers, interior decorators, painters and artists frequently use complementary or analogous colors. Apart from these two types of color combinations, you may make unwise color choices but they will displease most people.

While you can’t be blamed for a lack of taste, since good taste is very relative, maybe you have doubts about your color combinations? In this case, we recommend using either of these techniques or contacting us to work your brand colors.

Les couleurs