Audio and Video

Our team creates your professional video or corporate film. Making a corporate film requires several steps:Our team creates your professional video or corporate film. Making a corporate film requires several steps:

  • Preparation is essential for planning the video scenes – Storyboarding
  • It is filmed according to a written plan created in the storyboarding phase
  • In the editing phase, or post-production, the rushes (raw footage) are viewed and filmed parts are selected for the professional video editing stage
  • The video is posted on your website and social media accounts

The studio used Ableton’s Live Suite music production software, with Native Instruments extensions, RME Audio sound interfaces coupled with fiber optic ADAT extensions. Adam Series S and Digital Design monitors. Røde and Shure paired microphones, ESP Koss electrostatic, Beyerdynamic and Sony headsets.

Audio – Recording – Studio – Mixing – Mastering

Sowebio can come to your company to record sounds and interviews, and do audio reports and ambient recordings.

We can translate your business’s sound ambience as a track for your videos and create an attractive and exciting ‘sound image’.

Moreover, we have two fully equipped studios, with Shigeru Kawai SK3 semi-grand piano maintained and tuned by piano maker Rémy Babiaud and modified with a Quiettime Magic Star by Bernard Faulon of the Studio de Meudon, Nord Stage keyboards, synths, drums, basses, classics, folk, and electric guitars, viola da gamba, various percussive instruments, and accessories to produce natural atmospheres and stand out from the stereotypical productions.

Professional Video production

Video – Animation – Editing – Production

Your professional video is edited in a dedicated editing bay with Da Vinci Resolve software by Black Magic Design.

A shooting and projection room (8 m² screen) is available to designers and customers, with the necessary accessories (tripods, projectors, filters, black/white/green/blue backgrounds for presentation or inlay).

The soundproofed control panel has several screens. The video projectors are placed on their side for silent screenings. The sound is rendered by Audio Reference and Cabasse speakers.