Brands Design

Branding is about managing a brand and, more specifically, its image. Brand creation does not happen at random; it needs to be carefully thought out. To stand out and start selling, companies must grow their communications by harmonizing of all their media. The objective is to be recognized at all levels of society. In-house and external communications have to maintain visual consistency across all tools, from business cards and marketing materials to websites and labels.

What Makes a Brand?

  •  A logo, the visual symbol that makes you instantly recognizable
  • A slogan, also called the brand signature
  • A graphic style guide that defines your typography, colors, and changes that cannot be made to the logo or slogan, protection zones, what’s allowed and not allowed

These three elements make up your brand’s identity.

brands creation

How to Find a Brand Name

Sowebio helps you find and create your brands.

Firstly, it is essential to define the objective, the value proposition, and the desired universe for your brand. In the initial branding meeting, we brainstorm using a variety of creative profiles to achieve a wide range of approaches. We also need to define a lexicon to enrich and narrow down a list of search areas.

The second step is checking the availability of the brand name and choosing the domain name.

Trademark Registration

Filing a trademark with the french INPI (Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle) is a crucial step in creating your brand. Sowebio can do this for you.

We conduct a past usage or similarity search to ensure your trademark has not already been registered in the same industry.

We also advise you on what should be filed and protected (name, word, slogan, figures, letters, design, logo, sound signature, etc.) and determine the class of products or services. Last but not least, we file your document with the INPI.

brands creation

You must renew your trademark every 10 years.

Your trademark will then be published in the BOPI (the French Official Bulletin of Industrial Property) followed by an objection period of two months. If no objections are raised, the INPI registers your trademark.