Content Marketing

Content marketing is the marketing technique of creating and distributing written or video content (media content). This content can be news and white papers, technical manuals or guides, or videos posted on your site or social media accounts.

Content marketing means producing and distributing editorial content for marketing purposes, which is one of the many ways to help meet supply and demand.

It is also a way of creating and maintaining your brand narrative. This does not mean all of your content has to be about your company! You need to engage your audience with topics and themes that resonate with your brand image.

content marketing

Marketing de contenu-Content marketing

content marketing

Why Do Content Marketing?

Content marketing is used for many reasons. Often, a landing page is used to create or increase traffic to your website, and optimize your ranking (SEO or SEM, SEA, SMO). This technique is also part of a strategy of awareness, acquisition, and retention. As you have seen, it attracts visitor attention with relevant content and strengthens your relationship with your customers and community.

Content Creation

You can use an editorial schedule to anticipate, forecast and plan the creation, writing and distribution of your content. Next, your communications are posted to your site or corporate social media accounts. As you know, you must have a Web presence!

But a website without fresh content is like a shop window that never changes. In the social media age, you need to establish an editorial schedule and produce videos or promote events that draw in your visitors and customers. We are in the era of instant information and your customers want information from you that’s relevant and always new.

Sowebio creation

  • Storefront, institutional website
  • Corporate and e-commerce website
  • Social Media Page
  • Sound signature
  • Sound Design
  • Music
  • Visual identity
  • Graphic style guide
  • Logo
  • Photo and video

Content Writing

You don’t have time to write articles or learn video editing software. You don’t really know how to write an article for the Web, so your site never changes and stands still. Web content writing is our area of expertise, so you can focus on what you do best: your job! Sowebio offers you SEO content creation for websites and social media to optimize your company’s visibility on search engines. But first, it is important to define your editorial style guide. Combined with your graphic style guide, this is how you build your brand.


  • Contents
  • Editorial style guide
  • Articles
  • White Papers
  • Consulting
  • Marketing brochures
  • Sales kits
  • Product sheets
  • Data sheets
  • Newsletters
  • Landing pages

Content Marketing – Distribution

Quality content distribution improves your SEO, but above all it gets your visitors interested and unites your community around your brand. Sowebio prepares this step by planning your content with an editorial schedule. Depending on your industry, the schedule can be planned annually, semi-annually or quarterly.

There are also many communications channels, so you need to know where to find your audience! That means using a step-by-step approach to be efficient and properly prepare content creation, writing, and distribution!


  • Social media
  • Blogs and websites
  • Youtube channels


  • Community management
  • Community building
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Sowebio creates content that’s informative, useful and fun, in different formats, according to the objectives of your marketing strategy and your editorial style guide.