Systems – Outsourcing

Sowebio specializes in Linux server systems. We develop and work on Internet and Intranet systems based on this open-source operating system to guarantee you lower costs and higher quality. In addition, Sowebio manages servers and Web applications. Outsourcing is a service where an IT provider manages all or part of a user’s information system. Outsourcing is done long-term, not on an occasional basis.

Web servers and Applications

Sowebio manages servers and web applications. Our area of excellence is GNU/Linux Debian, GNU/Linux Ubuntu, Xen hypervisor, Genesix virtual machine cluster manager, etc.

We also master the following free software :

  • Nginx , open source Web server software and reverse proxy
  • PHP-FPM, alternative implementation to PHP-FastCgi for heavily loaded sites
  • Redis, high performance key-value database
  • MariaDB, SQL database


Web applications ans servers

We also master Matomo, Redmine, Dolibarr, WordPress, Seafile, Postfix and Mailcow (non-exhaustive list).
Our company contributes to the open-source software community. Sowebio has developed, a certificate manager for secured site certificates (https).

Linux Stations and Laptops

Sowebio has developed expertise on user machines, both in terms in terms of high-end workstations (43” 4K) and connected standard and ultraportable laptops.

The latter are equipped with GPS, 4/5G, integrated SMS and all the software of an efficient desktop, but with navigation similar to a Mac.

Sowebio offers support for finding a strategy that frees your information system.

We can advise you on choosing hardware, systems and software that lowers costs and increase the quality of your IT tools.


Sowebio also designs and builds specific and complex infrastructures.

Therefore, our network knowledge and experience allows us to offer customers the most cost-effective solution.