Domain Name & Email

In a nutshell, an internet address or domain name (DN) is your mailing address in the virtual space of the Web.

This name is how your visitors, contacts, and customers find your website. Choosing the right domain name is the key to good digital communications. It should be easy to remember and not too long, especially for emails.

We create your domain name, buy and renew it, make it anonymous to comply with the GDPR, protect it with DNSSEC authentication, configure the DNS, and create and renew the HTTPS certificate.

domain name

domain name

domain name



An email with your domain name is a hallmark of a professional operation.

We provide email inboxes that include antispam and IMAP services plus 5 GB of storage (or more if needed). They also sync between your computer and smartphone, and the user-server link is encrypted. You get universal webmail access from any computer or smartphone.

Our solution complies with the GDPR in Europe and protects your US «Patriot Act» exchanges.

Our services include :

  • Installing and configuring the free email software K9 on your Android smartphone
  • Redirection to help sort emails. For example, the address “” will be redirected to “”.

Upon request, Sowebio can also install Thunderbird free mail software on your computer.