Community Management

community manager

The Role of a Sowebio Community Manager

These days, companies want to monitor online interactions as well as their reputation, products, and services. Without a CM (community manager), comments can quickly get out of control and be difficult to manage on social media. The CM is also known as a Web communications officer whose role is to regularly post content mentioning your company and providing high-quality editorial copy. In addition, community managers actively contribute to your brand image on different online media and digital channels.

They must master the latest online skills and constantly adapt to changing modes of communication. That’s why community managers:

  • Manage and monitor your social networks
  • Know the advantages and drawbacks
  • Master online copywriting and SEO
  • Produce high-quality editorial content

Creating and Managing Your Community

The Sowebio team creates your site and social media pages, and then your Sowebio community manager brings your brand to life. They regularly publish articles, videos, and white papers according to the editorial schedule and graphic style guide.

You don’t have a community? Don’t worry, we will create one for you! Sowebio brings your community together by regularly editing and distributing relevant content. As you now know, Web communications officers have become essential to the life of your site and your social media accounts.

All Content Complies with Your Image:

  • Photos, slideshows, cartoons and videos
  • Articles, promotions and white papers
  • Editorial schedule for events in your industry and promotions
  • New product launches