Sowebio creates your logo. A visual identity is essential to developing your brand image. It is a set of information that follows your graphic style guide. These elements visually reflect the personality of your company and its positioning. At the end of the day, they also reflect your values. A logo is an essential element, so we advise you in choosing the typography and colors. These components form a visual identity.

Graphic Style Guide

A well-defined graphic style guide is key for keeping your communications consistent.

The objective is to make yourself known, recognizable, and identifiable. The first document you send to a customer is often a business card or sales document. These elements must therefore have visual consistency and ultimately be in sync

Logos and Graphic Style Guide

Advantages of a Style Guide

We draft and send you your graphic specifications. Distribute this document so your teams can maintain overall consistency on all communications tools.

logo creation
logo creation
logo creation

Logo Creation -
Redesign or Modification

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