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You can’t reach your online goals, like increasing Web traffic, if you don’t use SEO. Sowebio’s SEO service improves the quality of your site and complies with Google standards. It may take time to notice a difference in your SEO ranking, which is due to several factors, such as keyword competition and the number of competitors in your target area or sector. Plus, your site’s performance and download speed need to be improved so Google ranks you higher.

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Website ranking
Sowebio SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is “organic” ranking on the Internet. Optimization is achieved using techniques that improve the positioning of your site on a search engine.

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Improve Web Visibility

SEO uses three elements to determine your website’s visibility:

  • Technique: technology, server, performance, speed
  • Content: copy, videos, images
  • Popularity: third-party mentions on another website.

Other websites will share good content and it’s a strong indicator of popularity and quality for a search engine.

Sowebio SEA

SEA, or “Search Engine Advertising”, is advertising on search engines through paid listings. It means purchasing ads on search engines, for example Google AdWords. Sowebio identifies and buys the most important keywords in your industry. If your bid is high enough, then your ad appears when a user searches for a specific keyword.

Sowebio SMO

SMO, or “Social Media Optimization”, includes using social media to increase the visibility of a company or group. Networks impact SEO, so depending on your industry and target customer, we create your business pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. Social networks are a place for communicating, retaining, and building a loyal community – and exposure for a group of ambassadors that show the world how legitimate you are.

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Sowebio SEM

“Search Engine Marketing” (SEM) encompasses the various techniques used to improve the visibility of a group, company or individual on search engines. SEM is a combination of SEO, SEA, and SMO.

Improve your visibility

If you want to increase your website’s exposure and visibility, you need Web marketing. You already know that SEO is a must. Paid search engine ranking (SEA) is different than organic ranking (SEO) and often the starting point for a good digital strategy.

But you need to be cautious because even good Web developers can’t guarantee you a position in Google’s organic search results. Sowebio can significantly improve your site’s visibility, but it does not guarantee a specific ranking on Google. Google’s ranking algorithm is one of the best kept industrial secrets in the world! And it’s regularly updated, which changes the ranking.

These updates from Google are always geared toward user satisfaction and improved results. But websites that are well-built, contain high-quality content, and are built by designers with who truly understand what Google wants will always be well-positioned.

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