Why run a social media contest ?

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Why run a social media contest?

Social media contests are super popular with mobile users ! It’s easy : a company offers a prize to win, and people participate according to certain rules. Users join the contest, and then a lucky winner is randomly chosen. Hosting contests is an excellent method to expand and get noticed by potential new customers. It’s a crucial part of companie’s communication strategy because it creates excitement, boosts loyalty, and brings in new customers…

The Benefits of Running Social Media Contests

Social media contests are a great way for companies to increase customer engagement. When people participate in the contest, they interact with the brand and its content. They leave comments and share the contest post to try and win the prize. This increased activity on the post boosts the company’s visibility.

When participants share the contest post on their own accounts to improve their chances of winning, it helps the company reach a larger audience and get more exposure organically. Sometimes, the company may also ask players to identify themselves, subscribe to their page, and like their content, although some platforms may not allow these practices.
Running a “Contest Game” post generates engagement and enhances the company’s visibility without requiring significant efforts. As a result, the brand’s reputation naturally grows, and there’s a notable increase in social media traffic and visits to the company’s landing page.

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Acquiring New Customers and Building Customer Loyalty

As you might have guessed, when people share the contest, it attracts other potential customers who may not know about the brand yet. It’s a great way for them to discover the brand and get interested. As a result, they’ll be motivated to share it with others…

By organizing a social media contest, the company can collect customer data, creating a valuable database. Depending on the contest rules, the company can gather information about the participants. This customer data will be used for new marketing strategies. However, it’s essential to follow GDPR rules and get participants’ permission.

User-Generated Content

When you run contests, customers create content related to the game and your brand. For example, they might share the contest post or post content about your company. This user-generated content gives your brand more exposure.

Since the content shared by users is genuine, you can use it for your brand too. When others see content posted by happy customers, it motivates them to join in. Having content from satisfied customers shows that your company is trustworthy.

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Analyzing Results and Improving Strategy

After the contest ends, it’s crucial to see how well it performed. By looking at indicators like reach, engagement, and conversion, the company can figure out if the contest met its goals. These insights will guide decisions on whether to run a similar contest again or make changes for better results.

Often, after the contest, you can collect testimonials and feedback from customers. This feedback is essential for improving and fine-tuning future strategies. Showing the community that their opinions matter demonstrates that the company takes customer satisfaction seriously and is committed to meeting their needs.

The Advantages of Contests

Running contests offers several benefits for the company:

  • It boosts engagement as people interact with the posts.
  • It increases visibility, attracting new potential customers.
  • The content created around the brand adds credibility.
  • After the first contest, the company gathers valuable data to adapt and improve its strategy if needed.
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The Contest's Process and Rules

You see the advantages of running contests, but if you’re not entirely familiar with social media and advertising or if you’re short on time, consider hiring a professional. Sowebio can organize your contest and ensure it’s legal, transparent, and fair by following these steps.

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1 - Contest Guidelines

We clearly outline the rules for the contest, including how to participate, eligibility requirements, the contest duration, prize details, and other important information.

2 - Timeframe

Sowebio sets specific start and end dates for the contest period.

3 - Contest Type

 You get to choose the type of contest, like a random draw, creative contest, quiz, etc.

4 - Entry Requirements

We specify the criteria participants must meet to enter the contest, such as minimum age or location.

5 - Prizes

You decide the prize(s) to be won, and we ensure they’re clearly described in the contest rules.

6 - How to Enter

Sowebio explains how participants can enter the contest in an easy and accessible manner.

7 - Communication

Sowebio creates a communication plan to promote the contest and keep participants informed about the rules and important dates.

8 - Disclaimer

We include a clause that releases your company from any liability related to the contest.

9 - Usage Rights

If applicable, we determine whether you want to obtain usage rights for participants’ creations.

10 -Selecting Winners

We define the method of choosing winners (random draw, public vote, jury, etc.) and the date of the winner announcement.

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11 - Announcing Winners

We provide a way to contact the winners and announce the results publicly while respecting their privacy.

12 - Compliance

We ensure that your contest follows the laws and regulations in your country, especially regarding data protection and games of chance.

13 - Rules Deposit

In some countries, it may be necessary to deposit the contest rules with the relevant authorities.

14 - Handling Disputes

We establish a procedure to address any disputes or issues related to the contest.

15 - Analysis and Evaluation

Sowebio will share the results and assess the contest’s effectiveness.