Bitmap and vector images

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Do you want high-quality printing? Then you need to know the difference between bitmap images and vector images.

What's a bitmap?

Bitmap images are made of tons of pixels that cannot be seen with the naked eye. We can make them out by zooming in very closely. That’s how the image is created and why it is called a bitmap.

Example of the Sowebio logo:

What's a vector?​

​A vector image is different than a bitmap in that it does not contain pixels.  It is made of geometric shapes based on mathematical calculations. Unlike bitmaps, the advantage of vectors is the edges stay crisp when you zoom in on the image. Here’s the Sowebio logo again, but this time as a vector.

Example of the Sowebio logo:

How to work with vectors​

If you want to convert your work into a vector image, you cannot save it in formats like JPG, GIF or PNG. If you do, the image will automatically revert back to a bitmap.

So you have to use software like Inkscape or Illustrator to save your image as a vector. As a rule of thumb, your image file will also be smaller than a bitmap file.

Why we work in vector images​

Unless we receive a special request, Sowebio mostly uses vectors for your printing jobs (business cards, brochures, signs, posters, etc.). This benefits our customers because they can ask to change the size of a visual, for example to “infinitely” enlarge all the graphics on a medium. It goes without saying that the quality of the image stays intact when printed.

The specifications may also change for a printing project: 


Enlarge a visual


Make a graphic smaller


Change the original printing format, i.e., turn a size A5 brochure into an A3 brochure or a poster

As you see, we can use the vector format to handle your project from start to finish, which means meeting all your needs while upholding the same quality standards you expect.

We did a project for our client Brasserie Île & Elle where we produced a brochure and then turned it into a big 3.50 m x 1.68 m banner (11.5 ft x 5.5 ft), and the quality didn’t change.

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Sowebio specializes in designing, producing and printing business cards, brochures, posters and banners, plus any other type of printing job.

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